Hi, my name is John Rogers and I am a first-year student at Davidson in the Humanities program. This website displays some of the best work that I did in that class, exploring revolution and how it impacts the world around me.

When viewing this portfolio and its contents, I recommend that you follow the pages by going left to right on the menu at the top. This will walk you through my definitions of revolution and humanities. After that, you’ll see my research paper, which explores Aimé Césaire’s famous anticolonial work, Discourse on Colonialism, and how its ideas still apply to today’s society. My next piece is a revision of an essay on the Rwandan genocide and the capacity within every person to be evil. Then, you’ll see my review of Chasing Gods, a contemporary play that explores the problems of how fundamental Christians think and act. I also have inserted an annotation of the Michael Ruse’s essay on religion, “Why I am an Accommodationist and Proud of It.” My portfolio wraps up with a couple of creative pieces, the first of which I consider to be my best work apart from my research paper: an essay about the personal revolution in my first year containing a few poems that I wrote, and a gallery of photographs from the revolutionary city of Paris.

As you complete your viewing of my portfolio, I invite you to come back to this introduction page (completing the revolution, if you will) to leave any comments you have in the box below. Thank you for sharing this experience with me and for viewing my work! 

All of the writing and images within this website are my own unless otherwise noted. I would like to thank my Humanities professors and my fellow students for teaching me and joining me on this journey.

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