A Gallery of Revolutionary Paris

Below is a gallery of a few images in Paris that are evident of the rich history and complex contemporary reality within the city.

At the center of the Place de Concorde, the Egyptian Luxor Obelisk stands where heads once rolled during the French Revolution.
The Notre Dame Cathedral rises tall and proud just weeks before a fire burned its roof.

A side view of the Notre Dame shows the roof that has since incinerated.

Built to commemorate France’s influential intellectuals, the Panthéon celebrates the power of the French people, although it has a history of excluding women and people of color.

The breathtaking Saint Chapelle, which used to the royal chapel for French monarchs, houses the largest collection of 13th century stained glass in the world; luckily, the glass survived World War II.

Eugéne Delacroix’s famous painting, Liberty Leading the People, which is housed in the Louvre, depicts the July Revolution of 1830 in Paris.

Claude Monet’s The Rue Montorgueil in Paris depicts a nationalist fervor in Paris during a celebration in 1878.

Next to the Arc de Triomphe, the Yellow Jackets protest in the streets of Paris, demanding economic reform to free the lower and middle classes.

An inconspicuous poster in the streets of Paris encourages France to exit from the European Union just as Britain is in the process of doing.